Auto Insurance is mandatory in Canada… but the process of getting it doesn’t have to be stressful!

At Direct Rate Insurance, we recognize that it takes time to shop for insurance so we save you time and money by doing the work for you. We work hard to find you the best combination of price and coverage.

And we will customize the coverage to meet your needs. Need to increase your liability limit? Sure, we can do that. Want to protect your rates against an accident or a ticket? You’ve got it, we can help. Reduce your price but keep 'full coverage'? Sure, we can provide you with options.

Have you considered becoming an Uber driver?

No problem!

Direct Rate Insurance has access to ride-sharing insurance coverage which provides protection for those individuals who carry passengers for compensation.

Why do you need this coverage?

  • Ride-share insurance is not included in a standard auto insurance policy.
  • Commercial auto insurance policies are very costly.
  • Ride-sharing insurance is reasonably priced with many packages less than $100/month.
  • Ride-sharing insurance provides coverage for both you and your passengers.