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How to estimate your car insurance with our calculator.

Use our free calculator to find out how much your car insurance will cost.

In less than three minutes, this easy-to-use tool will provide quotes from the 10+ leading insurance companies in Canada.

Step 1:

Start by sharing a few details about the vehicle you’d like to insure, including:

  • Vehicle make, model and year
  • Year of purchase
  • Whether it’s leased


The auto insurance calculator will use this information to help connect you with discounts.

You’ll also be asked about:

  • Winter tires
  • Where you park
  • Whether you use the car for work
  • Approximate mileage


You'll be prompted to select additional coverages such as comprehensive and collision. Eliminating one or both insurance types will make your quote cheaper.

Step 2:

Reflect details of you and your driving history.

Our vehicle insurance calculator will use these details to narrow down the policies for which you qualify.

For example, insurance rates tend to be lower for drivers over the age of 40, in part, because they have more driving experience.

So, by sharing your age, the calculator will align you with car insurance with a lower monthly cost.

Our car insurance premium calculator also takes into account aspects of driving history which could lead to a higher rate.

For example, premiums tend to be more expensive for drivers with at-fault accidents or tickets (not including parking) on their record in the last three years.

Step 3:

Apply for discounts. Indicate whether you’re interested in:

  • Reducing your rate by bundling several policies with your car insurance. You may pay less if all of your policies are held with a single company.
  • Installing an app that scores your driving habits.

Our car insurance estimator works quickly to align your details with products available from 10+ leading insurance companies in Canada. It will take less than three minutes to get quotes.

Beyond the quotes the car insurance calculator produces, we encourage you to secure additional savings by working one-on-one with one of our licensed brokers.

No matter where in Canada you are – from Alberta to Ontario and beyond – our car insurance calculator and brokers will help you find the lowest rate.


Frequently Asked Questions about how to calculate car insurance.

Which type of coverage should I choose, comprehensive or collision?
  • Car insurance is required, by law, in every Canadian province and territory.
  • Our Canada car insurance calculator scours our online marketplace in search of coverage options that best suit your needs.
  • Mandatory coverages vary region by region. At a minimum, in Ontario, coverage must include third-party liability, accident benefits, direct compensation-property damage coverage (DCPD) and uninsured automobile coverage.
  • Drivers can also opt for additional coverages. Some of the most popular include:
  • Collision: Covers car replacement, or repair costs, if your car is damaged in a collision and you’re at fault.
  • Comprehensive: Covers damage by debris, earthquake, explosions, theft, vandalism and weather events.
  • Step 1 of our car insurance calculator gives you the option to select either additional coverages or both.
  • Drivers who don’t select additional coverage will receive a cheaper quote. However, their policies will not include additional benefits.
How will working with a licensed broker help reduce my rate further?
  • Once you’ve received free quotes from our car insurance calculator, we recommend you connect with a licensed broker to secure additional savings.
  • A broker will help you customize your policy to make sure you’re only paying for coverages you need, nothing more.
  • Licensed brokers draw on their expertise helping drivers reduce their costs by connecting them with discounts. They may also advise on tactics to help reduce their rates, such as:
  • A clean driving record – No claims or infractions can help reduce rates.
  • Bundling – Savings for drivers who hold more than one insurance policy with a single company.
  • Buying a safe car – Purchase a car with a good safety rating, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.
  • Increasing the deductible – Raising deductibles can reduce monthly insurance rates, but it's important that you correctly gauge whether or not you’ll have the cash easily available to pay a higher deductible in the event of a collision.
  • Monitoring – Allowing an insurance company to monitor driving habits can bring down premiums.
  • Paying – Drivers who pay their premiums in full can save.
  • What are the costs for using a car insurance calculator?
  • Our auto insurance calculator is free and fast. In less than three minutes, it will produce up to 10 quotes from leading insurance companies from across the country.
  • You’re under no obligation to accept the quotes nor any recommendations you receive if you decide to work one-on-one with one of our licensed brokers.
  • If certain underwriting results are produced, insurance companies may pay a base commission.
Who can use the car insurance calculator?
  • Our car insurance calculator is for Canadians who do not live in a province with government-provided car insurance.
  • The calculator searches for auto insurance in, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, P.E.I., Yukon.
  • While Canadians elsewhere are welcome to use the calculator, it doesn’t produce quotes for policies in provinces where car insurance programs are administered by government – British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.