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Comprehensive car insurance explained.

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In Canada, comprehensive car insurance is an optional coverage that many drivers rely on for protection from a range of perils.

While many purchase it, it may not be necessary for every driver and circumstance. Maybe you’d be fine with the coverages that are mandatory in your province and optional All perils coverage.

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What is comprehensive car insurance?

Have you ever woken up to a damaged car? Maybe a tree branch fell on the roof of your vehicle or a thief has smashed one of the windows in search of valuables – or, it was some other calamity.

Whatever it was, it may have left you feeling frustrated and a little helpless. One thing’s for sure, you had to take your car to the shop for repairs.

But, at least you were covered for the cost — as long as you had a comprehensive insurance plan as part of your policy.

If you didn’t have comprehensive coverage, you were no doubt even more frustrated, not to mention poorer.

Even if you’ve escaped such misfortune so far, you can probably imagine something bad happening to your car someday. Which is why most drivers choose to make comprehensive coverage part of their auto insurance policy.

At we help you find the best comprehensive car insurance and the lowest rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions about comprehensive car insurance.

What is comprehensive car insurance?

As the name suggests, comprehensive vehicle insurance offers more than just fire and theft car insurance.

Comprehensive auto insurance is an optional policy that covers a range of mishaps, including vandalism, extreme weather and animal damage as well as fire and theft.

It also covers you for incidents such as a falling tree limb that puts a big dent in your roof or a flying stone cracks your windshield.

On the other hand, while the name comprehensive suggests it might cover everything bad that could happen to a vehicle, it doesn’t. For example, it won’t protect you in the event of damage to your car, or another car, caused by a collision.

If you want to be covered for damage caused by driving accidents, you will also need collision insurance. Or, you can purchase an All perils policy, which combines collision and comprehensive coverage.

You’re vulnerable to some liability even with comprehensive insurance; it doesn’t protect you if someone is injured in an accident. Your mandatory third-party liability insurance covers that.

For the best comprehensive car insurance, work with a licensed broker who can make sure you get what you need while also saving money at the same time.

Start by getting a free no-obligation quote on and then give us a call: 1-855-754-0350.

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What does comprehensive car insurance cover?

A lot of bad things can happen to your car. Here are just a few examples of misfortune, some of which you may have had to deal with already:

You’re driving along the highway and a truck spits up a stone that hits your windshield, leaving a huge crack in it.

A tree branch breaks off in a windstorm and lands on your roof of your car, leaving a large dent.

A severe hailstorm leaves surprisingly large dents in your car’s hood.

A thief steals your car.

A thief tries and fails to steal your car, but leaves you with a broken driver side window.

Hoping to find valuables inside your car, a thief smashes your passenger side window.

A vandal throws a rock through your windshield or keys the side of your vehicle.

Rodents take up residence in your car and chew wiring.

Your garage goes up in flames, doing extensive damage to your car.

These are some examples of the kinds of physical damage that comprehensive insurance covers.

Given that many of these examples are not far-fetched, it’s easy to see why most drivers think fully comprehensive car insurance is just the kind of optional coverage they really should have.

And while you may not have to worry too much about earthquakes, hurricanes and riots where you live, comprehensive insurance will cover you for those, too.

Of course, comprehensive coverage will mean higher premiums. But a licensed broker at can help you keep the cost low by getting you the best price available.

Start with a free, no-obligation quote, then talk to a broker at 1-855-754-0350.

Is it mandatory? Do I need comprehensive car insurance coverage in Ontario?

No, comprehensive automobile insurance is optional in Ontario.

The four types of coverage that are mandatory in the province are:

Accident benefits. If you’re injured in a collision, this will cover your medical bills. It also provides income replacement if you are unable to work because of your injuries.

Direct compensation-property damage coverage (DCPD). If your car, or its contents, are damaged in a collision that isn’t your fault, this will cover you.

Third-party liability. This protects you if you’re driving a car that injures or kills someone else, or if it damages property. Although all Ontario drivers must have at least $200,000 in third-party liability coverage, many opt for much more than that, often as much as $1 million or $2 million worth.

Uninsured automobile coverage. This provides coverage if an uninsured motorist or a hit-and-run driver injures or kills you.

But that leaves lots of coverage that is not mandatory in Ontario, some of which you may want. This includes:

All perils. This combines collision and comprehensive coverage, offering protection in the event of damage caused by a crash, theft, extreme weather and other calamities.

Collision or Upset. This covers you if you damage your car in a collision with another vehicle or object or in the event of a rollover.

Comprehensive. This covers you against damage caused by something other than a collision, including vandalism, theft, extreme weather, fire and falling or flying objects.

Loss of use. If your car is in the shop being repaired following a collision, this will cover the cost of renting a similar vehicle.

Replacement cost. If your car has been stolen or damaged beyond repair, this covers its full value.

Specified perils. This covers the damage caused by a set number of calamities including lightning or hail storms, rising water, earthquakes, fire, theft and riots.

So there are a lot of options. The good news is you don’t necessarily need all of that coverage.

But, figuring out what you need and what you don’t can be a challenge. Which is why we recommend working one-on-one with one of our licensed brokers.

At, we customize your policy to make sure you get only the coverage you need and get it at the best price.

Take the first step to savings with a free, no-obligation quote, then speak to a licensed broker at 1-855-754-0350. Our recommendations are also free. 

What about Alberta, do I need comprehensive car insurance coverage there?

No, comprehensive automobile insurance is optional in Alberta.

But, unlike Ontario, two types of coverage that are mandatory in Alberta are:

Accident benefits. If you’re injured in a collision, your medical bills will be covered. And if your injuries make working impossible, this provides income replacement.

Third-party liability. If you’re driving a car that injures or kills someone else, or damages property, this protects you.

All other protection is optional in Alberta and that includes both collision and comprehensive coverage.

Of course, just because coverage is optional doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it. (And, by the same token, just because a type of coverage is available doesn’t mean you need it.)

To sort out whether you need comprehensive car insurance, we recommend working with a licensed broker.

At, we’ll customize your policy to make sure you’re buying only the coverage you need, and spending on coverage you don’t need.

After starting with a free no-obligation quote, you can reach a licensed broker at 1-855-754-0350.

Comprehensive vs collision: which do I need?

The short answer, for many drivers, is both.

For the longer answer we’ll need to explain comprehensive car insurance and how it differs from collision insurance.

Comprehensive insurance covers things such as theft, vandalism, natural disasters, extreme weather and fire. So, it protects you from damage when you’re not driving your car (the exception being when a stone cracks your windshield).

Collision insurance, on the other hand, covers damage from on-the-road accidents.

Both comprehensive or collision coverage are optional so whether you need them is up to you. But most drivers want both unless their car is very old.

A licensed broker at can help you decide what you need and then help you get the best price for it.

Start with a free, online, no-obligation quote, then connect a broker: 1-855-754-0350.

Comprehensive vs full coverage: which do I need?

Comprehensive auto insurance is optional coverage that protects you in the event of vandalism, theft, natural disasters, extreme weather, fire and similar events.

Full coverage is a term sometimes used to describe a policy that includes both the coverage that’s mandatory in a province -- such as accident benefits and third-party liability -- as well as a lot of optional coverage, including comprehensive insurance.

What is a comprehensive claim?

You can make a claim under your comprehensive insurance policy if your car is stolen or damaged by one of the covered perils.

Be sure to alert your broker, agent or insurer as soon as possible after you discover the damage.

Most insurance companies set a limit of seven days to report damage.

If you’re unable to connect with your insurance provider, call We can help guide you through the process: 1-855-754-0350.

What is the difference between comprehensive and collision deductible?

The deductible is the amount you pay in the event of a car insurance claim.

Both comprehensive and collision coverage come with deductibles.The typical deductible is $500. It’s possible to get a lower or higher deductible, but there are trade-offs.

A lower comprehensive deductible will raise your premiums, but will mean you pay less if you have to make a claim.

A higher comprehensive deductible will lower your premiums, but will mean you pay more if you have to make a claim.

We recommend against making a comprehensive car insurance claim if the cost of repairing the damage is less than your deductible. The cost of replacing a windshield, for example, is often less than $500.

One of our licensed brokers would be happy to help you determine if it makes sense to go with a $500 deductible or something else.

Does car insurance cover theft?

That depends on what insurance you have.

If your policy includes comprehensive or All perils coverage, you’re covered if your car is stolen or damaged in an attempted theft.

Does car insurance cover vandalism?

Yes, if you choose the applicable coverage type, your insurance will cover the cost of repairing damage caused by vandals.

You will need to have included comprehensive or All perils coverage in your policy.

Does a comprehensive claim raise rates?

This is a common misconception.

Generally, making comprehensive claims doesn’t affect your insurance rates.

But many insurance companies do set a limit on the number of claims you can make or a total dollar amount you can claim in a year under your comprehensive coverage.

Your rate may increase if you are charged with a driving offensive and certainly if you’re deemed a dangerous driver.

One of the most effective ways for being able to secure and maintain a low insurance rate is by keeping a clean driving record.

How much does comprehensive insurance cost?

Comprehensive coverage is an optional part of a car insurance policy.

All drivers in Canada are required to have some auto insurance, though what is mandatory differs from province to province. So you can’t buy a comprehensive policy on its own.

Many Canadian drivers have policies that combine both mandatory and optional coverage. And the cost will depend on the whole package.

Adding comprehensive coverage to your policy may increase your premiums. But in most cases, it’s well worth it.

You can lower the comprehensive car insurance cost by increasing your deductible. Be careful, though, because a high deductible wll mean you have to pay more if you do have to make a claim to pay for comprehensive damage.

A licensed broker at can give you expert advice to help you decide what you need and then make sure you get the best price.

Start with a free, online no-obligation quote, then call a broker at 1-855-754-0350.

Is comprehensive insurance worth it?

Most drivers believe it is. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is for you. And a lot depends on your car and your financial situation.

If you have a new or newish car, you will almost certainly want comprehensive coverage. Even if you have an older car, but can’t afford to repair or replace it if it were to be damaged or stolen, you’ll want comprehensive insurance.

If you live in an area where extreme weather, theft and vandalism aren’t common and you have an old car, that isn’t worth much anyway, then perhaps going without comprehensive auto insurance could make sense for you.

At, we’re experienced at helping drivers sort out the pros and cons of optional car insurance. And once you’ve decided what you need, our licensed brokers will help you get the best price for it.

Get started with a free, online quote, then contact a licensed broker at 1-855-754-0350.

We’ll answer all your questions and make sure you end up with a solution that’s right for you.

Is it safe to buy comprehensive auto insurance online?

Buying car insurance online is a safe and increasingly popular method. Many drivers have discovered that online is the best way to get cheap comprehensive insurance.

Just use our free, online quote tool to get rates from the 10+ leading insurance companies in Canada.

Then, talk to one of our licensed brokers to see if you qualify for additional savings.

We’ll review your application and highlight the discounts you may be eligible for.

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