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When it comes to insurance for hybrid cars and electric vehicles, most insurance companies cover them similarly to gas-powered cars.

Regardless of what type of car you drive, comparison shopping is the best way to find a great insurance rate.

And, if you work with a broker to customize your policy, you may be able to secure additional savings.

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About electric cars in Canada

According to Plug ‘n Drive, a Canadian non-profit that researches electric vehicles, there are more than 110,000 electric cars in Canada.

There are more than 35 electric car models available for sale in Canada.

While there may not be an insurance discount for electric vehicles specifically, there are some provincial programs which offer discounts for electric car drivers. For example, in British Columbia and Quebec, you can save up to $8,000 on purchase cost and $750 on your home charging station.

You can save up to $2,000 each year on fuel and maintenance costs, when you drive an electric car.

There are more than 5,000 public charging stations in Canada, including more than 500 which are Level 3 fast chargers.

Regardless of what type of car you drive, comparison shopping is the crucial first step to securing an economical car insurance quote.


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Frequently Asked Questions about green car insurance.

Which companies have the best electric car insurance?

Most insurance companies cover electric cars.

We'll help you find the most affordable electric car insurance in Canada. We’ve done the shopping so you don’t have to.

While there are no insurance discounts for hybrid cars and electric vehicles per se, rebates are available through various provincial programs.

How is insuring an electric car different than insuring a gas-powered car?

While the two car types are insured in the same manner, electric auto insurance considers a few additional variables. For example:

Car repair may require the work of a specialist mechanic and parts.

The car runs quiet so may result in a great number of collisions with pedestrians

The batteries, whether they’re leased or owned, can be expensive to replace.

Electric car drivers may also enjoy some advantages such as insurance companies regarding electric cars as more safe and eco car drivers as more responsible.

Are insurance rates for electric cars lower?

Electric and hybrid cars are usually insured in the same manner as gas-powered cars.

Since electric cars tend to be less powerful and to require less maintenance than gas-powered cars, you may be able to reduce your insurance costs.

In general, the best ways to find cheap electric car insurance are comparison shopping and customizing your policy so that you’re only paying for coverages you need, nothing more.

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How do I make an electric car accident claim?

To make an accident claim for your electric car, you’ll follow the same procedures as you would for a gas-powered vehicle.

Once everyone involved in the collision is safe, report the collision to your broker.

In Ontario, the Financial Services Commission recommends that within seven days, you report the accident to your broker or insurance company, regardless of who’s at fault.

This is because if you take too long to report it, your insurance company may not have to honour your claim.

Is it safe to buy electric car insurance online?

Yes, it’s totally safe to buy electric car insurance coverage online.

It’s also fast and free.

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