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What’s the best car insurance for families?

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Having each car and driver in your home covered by a single insurance policy is a good way to reduce your family’s overall insurance costs.

A licensed broker will review your options with you to help identify what type of car insurance policy best suits your family.

For example, if everyone in your home has their own vehicle, you may be eligible for a multi-car policy.

Or, if there’s a young driver living under your roof, it may make good financial sense for them to be named as an additional driver on your policy.

There are lots of ways for families to save money on car insurance.

A licensed broker will review your options with you and answer all of your questions, for free.

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Which car insurance is best for families?

The best way to lower your auto insurance costs is to customize your policy so that you’re only paying for coverage you need, nothing more.

In Ontario and Alberta, consumers purchase their car insurance from private companies, picking and choosing what coverage they need – beyond the minimum legal requirements.

The type of car insurance policy a family needs is likely to be quite different than what an individual driver may need. As a result, each will likely end up choosing policies that are quite different.

Regardless of how you tailor your policy to best suit your lifestyle, we recommend you work with a licensed broker to learn about and secure additional savings and discounts.

For example, an Ontario driver who has purchased winter tires will receive a 3-5% discount. They’ll also save if they elect to bundle their car and home insurance policy, and, if they opt into a telematics program.

Similarly, families that get a multi-car policy where more than one of their cars is insured on a single policy may also receive a discount on their premium.

The easiest way to discover how your family can save on auto insurance is to speak with a licensed broker.

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Frequently Asked Questions about car insurance plans for families.

What’s the easiest way to find cheap car insurance for my family?

Work with a licensed broker to secure the range of car insurance discounts that are available for families. Brokers are not tied to one car insurance company, so they can bring you options from a range of Canadian insurers.

Our broker’s recommendations are free. Their expertise could help you save a significant amount of money.

Drawing on years of experience, a broker will consider your needs and lifestyle and then help customize your policy so that you’re only paying for coverages you need, nothing more.

Give us a call today to connect with a car insurance broker: 1-855-754-0350 .

What sort of car insurance discounts are available for families?

Families can save by having many vehicles insured under a single policy. This is called a multi-car policy.

Families can also save by having any young drivers in the household added as an additional driver to the parent’s or guardian’s policy.

The cost of a policy with an additional driver is likely to be less than the cost of two separate policies – particularly since insurance for young drivers can be expensive.

Depending on your circumstances, your family may be eligible for other savings, which a licensed broker can easily help you secure.

Our recommendations are free. Give us a call today to start saving: 1-855-754-0350 .

What are the pros and cons of a multi-car policy?

The main benefits of a multi-car policy are the savings you stand to get and the convenience of receiving a single bill, not to mention the simplicity of working with a single insurance provider and their claims procedures – should ever you end up making a claim.

The downside of a multi-car policy is that if the cars on a single policy have different owners and one driver decides to get their own policy, the remaining drivers on the policy will have to update the family policy.

What are the pros and cons of having an additional driver listed on my policy?

Young drivers, especially young men, tend to have high insurance rates. They will pay less as an additional driver than they will for an individual policy.

The main downside is that the primary policyholder assumes more risk with an additional driver. However, if they’re a parent who's helping cover the expenses of a young driver, the cost of being an additional driver is less than the cost of an individual policy.