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Car insurance is mandatory for every driver in Canada. So, even if you’ve been deemed a high risk driver, you’re still eligible for coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions about high risk car insurance in Ontario.

What is a high risk driver?

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario, which regulates the province’s financial services sector, defines high risk drivers as those who have:

Had a number of convictions for at-fault accidents

Had policies cancelled for unpaid premiums

Other factors that qualify a driver as high-risk can include: If they have been convicted of insurance fraud, stunt driving or impaired driving.

For high risk drivers in Ontario, what insurance options are available?

Every driver in Canada is required, by law, to have car insurance.

For high risk drivers, auto insurance isn’t cheap. In Ontario, Alberta, the Atlantic provinces and Quebec, several companies specialize in high risk insurance.

Elsewhere, coverage may be available through government programs.

While specific companies can decline to offer you high risk insurance, the industry as a whole can’t deny you basic coverage.

If you don’t qualify for insurance from a private company, or, through a provincial government’s program, you can get coverage through the Facility Association – an insurance pool for high risk drivers. It’s considered an insurer of last resort.

While your driving record and claims history are key to determining your rate, highlighting other factors in your application can help reduce your rate. One licenced brokers will work with you to find you the best high risk car insurance at the lowest rate. Give us a call today: 1-855-754-0350.

Why is car insurance expensive for high risk drivers?

Auto insurance for high risk is more expensive because companies consider them more likely to make a claim, based on their driving and claims histories.

A clean driving record and good claims history are key to helping keep your rates low.

How long will I be considered a high risk driver?

The length of a high risk designation may differ between provinces and depend on how the offence was characterized on your driving record.

Claims generally stay on your record for six years and convictions for three years.

As the offending incident ages and/or falls off your record, you’re less and less likely to be considered high risk.

We recommend that you keep track of dates related to the claim or driving offence that deemed you a high risk. Every year after your claim or conviction, comparison shop to see if you qualify for a lower rate.

High risk drivers can reduce their insurance by:

Maintaining a clean record: Abide by traffic laws, don’t stunt drive, don’t drink and drive.

Zero tickets: Drivers with no traffic tickets for at least three years may be eligible for lower premiums.

No accidents: Drivers without an accident for six years may be eligible for lower premiums.

Reflect your experience: Consider taking a driving course.

Pay on time: Paying your premiums on time may make you eligible for a better rate.
Your coverage can be cancelled for late payment and for non-payment. The cancellation of a policy because of an outstanding payment can be a big problem for drivers later.

Do high risk insurance auto insurance rates differ across the country?

Yes, rates for high risk insurance vary across Canada. For example, there may be a difference between cheap high risk insurance for Alberta and Ontario drivers.

This is because the volume of insurance claims in each province helps determine rates for local drivers. Rates tend to be higher in provinces where there are a higher volume of claims.

In general, car insurance for a high risk driver will be between 25% and 250% more expensive than the cost for low risk drivers.

Which auto insurance companies are the best for high risk drivers?

Companies that provide high risk auto insurance to Alberta drivers include:

Perth Insurance

Facility Association

In British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, high risk car insurance is provided by the government.

In Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador), high risk auto insurance is available through:

Facility Association

Perth Insurance

Companies that provide high risk auto insurance to Ontario drivers include:


Facility Association



Perth Insurance

In Quebec, high risk car insurance is available through Desjardins.

How can I stop being considered a high risk driver?

High risk insurance isn’t cheap. For drivers to reduce their premiums, they must reflect that they’re a low risk and unlikely to make a car insurance claim.

This can be achieved by keeping a clean driving record – no accidents, no tickets and no stunt driving.

Drivers must pay their premiums. Coverage can be cancelled for late payment and for non-payment. The cancellation of a policy because of an outstanding payment can be a big problem for drivers later.

Is it safe to buy high risk auto insurance online?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to buy car insurance online, including high risk car insurance.

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