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Saving on car insurance is an easy and effective way to reduce your expenses.

Since the average cost of car insurance in Barrie tends to be expensive, it’s worth figuring out how to bring down the cost. You could save yourself a significant amount of money.

To get a sense of how much, we recommend you start with’s free, online tool for 10+ quotes from leading providers in Canada.

Next, connect with a licensed broker who will customize your policy.

Working one-on-one with you, they’ll advise on what coverage you should consider purchasing — particularly if you have to navigate through any of the extreme weather that’s common in Barrie.

A broker can also shed light on how your age, gender and driving history are likely to impact your rate.

Drawing on years of experience, they’ll help you find the best car insurance in Barrie.

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What’s the best way to find cheap car insurance in Barrie?

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Working with a licensed broker is the easiest way to find a lower rate for car insurance in Barrie.

They’ll help you customize your policy so you’re only paying for the coverage you need, nothing more.

Before you connect, know that your profile as a driver and your location are two of the most important influences on car insurance rates.

When determining a rate, insurance providers will look at the driver’s age, gender and driving history to gauge what sort of insurance risk you’re likely to pose.

Younger male drivers with infractions on their driving record are likely to pay more for car insurance than older female drivers with clean driving records.

Rates can even vary within a city.

Quotes for auto insurance in Barrie tend to be higher than the average cost of car insurance in Ontario. However, quotes for Barrie are typically lower than those in areas closer to Toronto.

Even within Barrie, there’s variation in quoted rates: Those who live in Barrie’s postal code region L4M tend to receive higher priced quotes, whereas those who live in the L9J region tend to receive lower priced quotes.

While you’re unlikely to be able to change how your location impacts your car insurance rate, a licensed broker will help you find other ways to save.

This includes adjustments such as updating the type of coverage, opting into easily available discounts or raising your deductible.

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Frequently Asked Questions about car insurance in Barrie, Ontario.

Why are automobile insurance rates in Barrie higher than elsewhere in Ontario?

In communities like Barrie, where residents tend to spend a lot more time driving, rates can be higher because the risk of collision increases proportionate to how much time a driver is on the road.

Other factors that can contribute to higher vehicle insurance rates in Barrie include the volume of reported collisions and vehicle theft in the area, the volume of commuters and problematic weather.

Regardless of where you live, there are several ways you can reduce your car insurance costs. A licensed broker will advise you on how to access discounts. They’ll also help you pick and choose which coverage make the most sense for you and how you use your vehicle.

Start with a free quote and then connect with a licensed broker: 1-8554-754-0350.

What factors drive up car insurance costs?

Insurance providers are always trying to measure what sort of risk a driver is.

There’s considerable research reflecting that age, gender and driving history are significant indicators of risk. As a result, young male drivers tend to pay higher insurance rates whereas older drivers, particularly women, tend to pay lower rates.

Those with infractions on their record will also pay higher rates.

Regardless of your age, gender and driving history, there are several discounts that are easily available to most Canadians.

For example, you’re likely to save hundreds of dollars each year when you stack discounts such as buying and using winter tires, bundling your policies, enrolling in a telematics program and parking privately.

A broker can review these options with you as well as find additional discounts.

We’ve helped thousands of Canadians save millions of dollars on their insurance costs.

Get a quote and then give us a call to start saving today: 1-855-754-0350.

Is it safe to buy car insurance online?

Absolutely. It’s one of the most popular ways for purchasing any insurance product.

We recommend that you start with a free, no-obligation quote for cheap car insurance in Barrie. Next, connect with one of our licensed brokers:1-855-754-0350.

They’ll help you customize your policy to make sure you’re only paying for the coverages you need, nothing more.