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Frequently Asked Questions about car insurance in Kitchener.

What are some tips for getting cheap car insurance in Kitchener?

Vehicle insurance rates are different in every city and often between neighbourhoods within a city.

Your quote for cheap car insurance in Kitchener is determined by a number of factors such as your postal code and the claims activity in your neighbour.

While it’s true that you can’t control the volume of claims in your neighbourhood, there are important factors you can adjust to bring down your car insurance costs. We recommend the following:

Shop around: Know what products are available and best suit your lifestyle. Our free, online quote tool will do that work for you, offering up to 10 quotes for auto insurance in Kitchener from companies across the country.

Stay safe: When determining your rate, insurance companies also look at variables like your driving record. To reduce your rate, it helps if you don’t have a history of tickets or past insurance claims.

Bundling: Consider having all of your insurance policies with the same company. For example, you could qualify for savings if your car insurance and home insurance are held by the same company.

Shop smart: The safety of your vehicle is also part of how your rate is determined. You may qualify for savings if your vehicle has high crash-test scores, low theft ratings and a less powerful engine.

Is it safe to buy car insurance online?

Yes, it’s 100% safe.

We’ve helped thousands of Canadians save millions of dollars. Our online car insurance quote tool is fast – and free.

Our brokers are available over the phone to answer any questions about how you can secure the best automobile insurance in Kitchener. That call is free as well: 1-855-754-0350.