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For optimal savings, we encourage drivers to tailor their insurance policies so that they make sense for your current lifestyle.

London is especially busy during the school year with students coming and going. Students who rely on local transit to get to class may have a much different car insurance rate than drivers who have high mileage from commuting daily to work in a nearby city.

In addition to looking at how you’re using your car, insurance companies also consider details such as the claims history in the region, your driving experience and the type of coverage you’re seeking.

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Frequently Asked Questions about car insurance in London, Ontario.

How do London vehicle insurance rates compare to those in nearby cities?

Vehicle insurance in London tends to be slightly lower than rates available in the nearby cities of Kitchener and Hamilton.

On the other hand, London, Ontario drivers tend to pay more for car insurance than those in Strathroy, Stratford and St.Thomas.

To get a quote for cheap car insurance in London, try our free, online tool. In less than three minutes, it will produce quotes from up to 10 insurance companies from across Canada.

Where in London are car insurance rates the lowest?

Drivers who live in the postal code region of ‘N5X’ tend to secure London's lowest auto insurance rates.

Those who live in the postal code region of ‘N5Y’ are more likely to have a high rate.

A number of variables can affect car insurance rates from city to city and even between neighbourhoods within a single city.

For example, a region with a high volume of drivers with histories of past insurance claims can drive up car insurance costs for everyone in the neighbourhood.

How safe is it buying car insurance online?

Buying London automobile insurance online is completely safe. It’s also fast and free.

Get started with our online quote tool. It will take you less than three minutes to discover potential savings.

We also recommend you connect with licenced broker at Direct Rate for more information on how to get cheap car insurance in London.

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