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With a history of auto manufacturing and home to the headquarters of General Motors of Canada, Oshawa, Ontario, has an especially close link to the automobile.

Of course, cars are also an important part of daily life there because they’re how most residents get around. And that makes reliable, affordable auto insurance just as essential. makes finding the best car insurance in Oshawa a breeze.

We let you compare rates from all the top insurance providers online, in minutes.

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What you’ll need to get an auto insurance quote online.

To get a car insurance quote in Oshawa through our free, online service, you will need:

  • Some basic details about the vehicle you’d like to insure.
  • A valid driver’s licence and information about your driving history.
  • A phone to connect with one of our licensed insurance brokers.

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How can I find the lowest car insurance rates in Oshawa?

Comparison shopping is key to locking in the lowest rates on auto insurance. That’s because insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. It reflects your unique situation as a driver.

To find the cheapest rates on insurance, you can’t rely on average cost estimates based on your city or the type of vehicle you drive. These just won’t be accurate.

Instead, you’ll need to get customized quotes, based on some important details about your driving habits and experience, your vehicle, location and other factors.

Insurance companies all gather similar information to provide you with a quote. But they may each calculate your premium just a little bit differently.

Every insurer works to develop their own underwriting standards, or private formulas for setting rates. This is how insurers stay competitive. It’s also why different insurance providers may offer different rates to the same customer.

When you shop the market, you request customized quotes from multiple car insurance companies so that you can compare price tags and the details of their insurance products. This lets you zero-in on the right insurance policy for your needs, at the lowest cost available.

If this process sounds like a headache — but you don’t want to sacrifice the best deal — that’s where can help.

Our online quote tool makes comparison shopping for Oshawa auto insurance fast and convenient. We’ll collect a few key details about you and your vehicle, and within minutes, you’ll be able to compare real quotes from 10+ leading insurance providers across Canada.

Then, when you connect over the phone with one of our licensed brokers, they will work with you to tailor your policy to your exact needs.

You’ll get all the insurance protection you want, and nothing extra. They’ll make sure you get any discounts that you qualify for, and that you understand how your policy works. They will answer all your car insurance questions, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions about automobile insurance in Oshawa.

What kind of auto insurance should I have in Oshawa?
  • There are legal minimum requirements for auto coverage in Oshawa that all drivers must purchase. These are set by the province of Ontario and include:

    • Accident benefits coverage – This insurance provides for you if you lose income or incur bills related to medical needs because you’re injured in an auto accident.
    • Direct compensation property damage (DCPD) – This protects your vehicle and your belongings inside it and compensates you for the loss of their use if these items are damaged in an accident that isn’t your fault.
    • Third-party liability – This protects you from costs if you cause an accident and are sued by someone who is injured or suffers property damage as a result. Ontario mandates a minimum of $200,000 in third-party liability coverage.
    • Uninsured automobile – This type of insurance provides compensation to you and your family if you are hurt or killed in an accident with an uninsured or hit-and-run driver, or if your car is damaged by an uninsured motorist.
  • Beyond the legally mandatory coverage, many drivers opt for additional insurance protection for greater peace of mind while on the roads.
  • If you lease rather than own a vehicle, it’s likely that the leasing company will require you to buy a higher level of insurance coverage than the legal minimum. This would be detailed in your lease agreement.
  • Many drivers choose to increase the amount of third-party liability coverage beyond the $200,000 minimum required in Ontario.
  • Damages awarded by courts can easily exceed this amount if someone is seriously injured in a car accident, and you would be responsible for making any additional payment out-of-pocket. Higher optional coverage levels might be $500,000, $1 million or $2 million.
  • You may also want a higher level of accident benefits coverage than the statutory minimum. For example, you can increase the amount of income replacement you would receive if you are injured and can’t work, so that it’s closer to your current income level.
  • You can also increase the level of medical and rehabilitation benefits you would be entitled to, and opt for coverage that would pay for someone to replace you as a caregiver for a dependent if needed.
  • Optional accident benefits coverage can also include increased death and funeral benefits and a payout for help with home maintenance and repair you can no longer perform if you’re injured.
  • Some drivers prefer to lower their deductible, so they will incur lower out-of-pocket costs in the case of a claim.
  • People driving new cars or more luxurious vehicles often opt for comprehensive and collision coverage. These types of insurance better protect the vehicle from a variety of sources of damage (comprehensive coverage), and pay repair or replacement costs if the vehicle is damaged in a collision (collision coverage).
  • Comprehensive insurance protects the car against damage from non-collision causes, like falling objects, severe weather, theft, fires, vandalism, etc.
  • Collision coverage is usually recommended for newer vehicles, when the car’s value is high and a collision claim would provide a higher payout. On older vehicles of lower value, drivers may choose to drop this optional coverage to save on insurance premiums.
  • There are other optional insurance types available for a variety of situations and preferences. These can vary by insurance company.
  • A licensed broker will work with you one-on-one to help you figure out what coverage you need and what you can do without.
  • We’ll answer each of your questions and make free recommendations about how you can reduce your overall costs. Start with free quotes and then give us a call: 1-855-754-0350.
Where can I find the cheapest car insurance quotes in Oshawa?
  • This insurance thing would be a lot simpler if there was one company that always offered the lowest rates for every driver. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
  • Auto insurance is always a customized product, and insurance companies are all slightly different in how they calculate premiums.
  • Your rates will be determined by a combination of factors. These include:

    • Your age and gender – Young men get into more car accidents than older women, so insurers adjust premiums to reflect this. Generally, being over age 30 will help bring your insurance premiums down, but once you’re a senior, they could increase again.
    • Your car’s safety record – This could include crash test ratings and statistical claims data.
    • Your coverage levels – There’s no way around it. The more protection you want, the more you’ll pay in premiums. This is why it’s important to consider exactly what insurance coverage you really need and eliminate anything you don’t.
    • Your driving history – A squeaky-clean driving record with no traffic infractions or accidents is what insurers like to see.
    • Your experience as a driver – Having a full license and years of experience on the road will help.
    • Your insurance history – You might be a responsible driver, but have there been insurance claims on your record from back when you lent your vehicle to a less-responsible cousin or friend? Even though these incidents aren’t part of your driving history, they are a part of your insurance history, and this is something insurance companies will take into consideration, too.
    • Your mileage – How much you drive your vehicle is a big factor in how likely you are to get into accidents. If you don’t use your car for work purposes and your commute is short (or better, if you walk, bike or use transit instead), then this will lower your insurance costs.
    • Your postal code – Higher crime and traffic can lead to more insurance claims in some areas.
    • Its typical repair costs – If your car is commonly driven in the area and replacement parts are readily available, its repair costs may be lower.
    • Your vehicle’s value – Newer cars and those with luxury features and custom trim will cost more to insure.
  • Finding cheap auto insurance anywhere in Ontario can be challenging. The province is among the priciest car insurance markets in Canada. Comparison shopping is a crucial first step toward finding a better insurance rate.
  • Working with streamlines the process when you’re shopping for car insurance. Get a free quote from multiple leading insurance providers in minutes using our free, online quote tool. Then talk to a licensed broker who will help you customize your policy and lock in the best rate.
  • We’re ready to answer all of your questions about car insurance in Oshawa. Give us a call today: 1-855-754-0350.
How can I lower my auto insurance premium?
  • To lower the cost of your car insurance, there are a few different avenues worth exploring. A licensed broker will help you figure out what’s worth keeping and what you can do without.
  • Some options to consider, include:

    • Comparison shop for quotes – Get fresh auto insurance quotes. Just because your insurance company offered the lowest rate a few years ago doesn’t mean it still has the best deal on the market today. Request a new round of car insurance quotes to find out whether your car insurance rates are still competitive, and whether your insurer is still worthy of your business. (Hint:’s online quote tool makes this easy!)
    • Discounts – Ask your licensed broker about what discounts are available for installing special anti-theft devices, like car alarms or steering wheel locks. You may also be able to secure discounts for installing bundling your policies, enrolling in a telematics program, parking privately and installing winter tires.
    • Higher deductible – If you are comfortable with a higher deductible, raising it will lower the price of your premium.
    • Less coverage – Review your policy for other excess coverage. If you haven’t looked over the details of your insurance in several years, it’s worth revisiting it to see if there is any coverage you no longer need. Your life circumstances may have changed in a way that makes a certain type of coverage less important, or your preferences may simply have evolved. In any case, it’s worth reviewing your policy on a regular basis — ideally every year, at renewal time — to ensure it still reflects your needs and desires.
    • Lower mileage – If your vehicle is older or has higher mileage, you might consider dropping comprehensive or collision coverage. Any insurance payout on these types of claims would be lower when the car’s value has declined, so keeping this level of protection, and paying for the added premium costs, might not be worth it once your vehicle is around five years old, or older.
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