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Updating your car insurance is one of the best ways to reduce your expenses.

Canadians who regularly shop for a better car insurance rate can save hundreds of dollars each year.

Easily available discounts applied to some, or all, of your car insurance policy will reduce your premiums.

You can also save by customizing your policy to make sure that you’re only paying for coverage you need, nothing more.

As your life changes, your car insurance policy should too.

To find the best car insurance rates in Thunder Bay, use our free, online tool.

Next, connect with one of our licensed brokers to figure out the details of a policy that makes sense for you and how you use your car.


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Location is one of several factors that will determine how much you end up paying for car insurance.

While it’s unlikely that you can change how much you pay in the area where you live and drive, there are many ways you can bring down your rate.

To pay less for auto insurance in Thunder Bay, we recommend that you review savings tactics with a licensed broker.

Getting a recommendation from a broker at is free. We’ll review discounts such as those available for installing winter tires, policy bundling, enrolling in a telematics program and parking privately. We'll also explore other savings tactics such as increasing your deductible.

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Frequently Asked Questions about car insurance in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

How can I get the cheapest automobile insurance in Thunder Bay?

Working one-on-one with a licensed broker will help you secure the best car insurance in Thunder Bay.

Our recommendations are free and we have extensive expertise and experience; we’ve helped thousands of Canadians save millions of dollars on their insurance costs.

Before connecting with a broker, we recommend you comparison shop to see what sort of vehicle insurance rates in Thunder Bay you qualify for.

Our online tool is fast and free. It will provide quotes from the 10+ leading insurance providers in Canada.

When you connect with a licensed broker, they’ll customize your policy, applying discounts, updating your coverage to align with your lifestyle. For example, if your driving habits have recently changed and you’re no longer commuting daily to work, you may be able to save.

Insurance rates are determined, in large part, by the driver’s age and driving history. So, you may be able to save simply by revisiting your policy now that you’re older.

What sort of car insurance discounts are available?

After you’ve used our free online tool to get cheap car insurance quotes for the Thunder Bay area, connect with a licensed broker to find out more about discounts.

The quote tool will show you how much you can save when you opt-in to four easily available discounts: installing winter tires, bundling, enrolling in a telematics program and private parking.

A licensed broker can help you further. For example, with more information from you, we may recommend discounts available for retirees and students, those with multiple vehicles and those renewing their policies.

We’ll also customize your policy to make sure the coverages you’re paying for align with your current lifestyle. For example, are you commuting less? Do you need to increase your liability coverage? Can you remove a secondary driver from your policy?

Our tools and recommendations are free. To start saving today, give us a call: 1-855-754-0350.

Is it safe to purchase car insurance online?

Yes, definitely.

We’ve helped thousands of Canadians save millions of dollars on their insurance costs.

Our free, online quote tool is a great way to find out what rates you qualify for.

Our licensed brokers are easily available over the phone to answer all of your questions. We recommend that you speak with them to make sure you’re securing every available car insurance discount: 1-855-754-0350.