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Frequently Asked Questions about car insurance in Waterloo, Ontario.

How can I get cheap car insurance in Waterloo?

The best way to secure low cost automobile insurance in Waterloo is to work with a licensed insurance broker.

At, we have the experience and expertise to ensure you get the best coverage at the lowest rate.

We'll help you customize your policy, reviewing which coverage make the most sense for you and your lifestyle.

For example, we may recommend a different type of coverage for you if you use your car to commute each day than if you rarely use your car and work from home.

A broker will also review with you coverages you might want to add – over and above what’s required by law.

For example, all Ontario drivers are required by law to have $200,000 in third party liability insurance, accident benefits, direct compensation-property damage coverage (DCPD) and uninsured automobile coverage. A broker is available to help you purchase additional coverage such as collision and/or comprehensive insurance.

In addition to coverage type changes, a broker will help you secure discounts. Most Canadians can save hundreds of dollars each year by stacking discounts. For example, discounts for the use of winter tires, bundling policies, enrolling in a telematics program and parking privately rather than on the street are easily available.

Get started using's free, online quote tool.

Next, connect over the phone with a licensed broker: 1-855-754-0350.

How much is my car insurance rate impacted by location?

Location has a significant impact on car insurance rates.

Car insurance rates vary within Waterloo itself. For example, drivers in the postal code region N2L tend to receive the highest car insurance quotes in the city.

Drivers in the N2J region generally receive lower car insurance rate quotes.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint which factors in each postal code region have the greatest impact on rate, the volume of collisions and infractions among drivers in a neighbourhood is relevant.

Since you’re not likely to be able to reduce how your neighbourhood impacts your car insurance rates, consider other ways to save.

Get a sense of the minimum amount you could save by using our free, online tool. In less than three minutes, it will produce 10+ quotes for cheap car insurance in Waterloo.

Next, a licensed broker will advise you on specifics around how you can further reduce the cost of vehicle insurance in Waterloo.

Our recommendations are free.

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What’s the catch, this seems too good to be true?

There’s no catch.

Car insurance is a cost that many Canadian drivers don’t revisit often enough.

We recommend comparison rates and customizing your policy each year so that you’re only paying for the coverages you need, nothing more.

If you end up purchasing a policy, licensed brokers at can receive a small, contingent commission.

Our online, quote tool is fast and free as are our recommendations and any insight we can provide on car insurance products and discounts.

We’re keen to answer your questions and help you find the best car insurance in Waterloo at the lowest rate.

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