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Types of car insurance for students.


Just as it is for every driver in Canada, car insurance for students is required, by law.

While mandatory coverages vary from province to province, drivers everywhere require these four types of car insurance:

Liability or third-party liability insurance: Protects you financially in a collision you’re found responsible for in which there’s property damage, personal injury or death.

Accident benefits: Covers you or others injured or killed in a collision.

Uninsured auto: Covers you if you’re in a collision with an uninsured driver.

Direct compensation property damage (DCPD): Covers you in a collision with one or more vehicles, when you’re not at fault. This coverage allows your insurance company to compensate you directly rather than your having to pursue the at-fault driver for damages.

Depending on where you live and operate a vehicle, you may also need some combination of these additional coverages:

Province Minimum insurance required
Alberta Third-party liability ($200,000), accident benefits
B.C. Third-party liability ($200,000), accident benefits
Manitoba Third-party liability ($200,000), accident benefits, uninsured auto coverage
New Brunswick Third-party liability ($200,000), direct compensation property damage, accident benefits
Newfoundland and Labrador Third-party liability ($200,000), uninsured auto coverage
Northwest Territories Third-party liability ($200,000), accident benefits
Nova Scotia Third-party liability ($500,000), direct compensation property damage, accident benefits
Nunavut Third-party liability ($200,000), direct compensation property damage, accident benefits
Ontario Third-party liability ($200,000), direct compensation property damage, accident benefits
Prince Edward Island Third-party liability ($200,000), direct compensation property damage, accident benefits
Quebec Third-party liability ($50,000), direct compensation property damage, accident benefits
Saskatchewan Third-party liability ($200,000), accident benefits
Yukon Third-party liability ($200,000), accident benefits

Frequently Asked Questions about car insurance for college students.

What’s the best auto insurance for students?

There are a range of good car insurance options for students. Rates are affected by where a student lives and the type of coverage they require.

Cheapest car insurance option for students: Those who live at home with their family have the option to be listed as a secondary or occasional driver on their parents’ car insurance policy.

This arrangement covers students who use the family vehicle occasionally rather than often – such as for a daily commute.

While being listed as a secondary or occasional driver may increase a parent’s premium, it will be less expensive than the cost of an individual student policy.

Cheaper car insurance for students: For students who don’t live at home, there are steps you can take to reduce your rate. For example, students may be eligible for a discount from some car insurance companies, if they maintain good grades.

A good credit score can also bring down a car insurance rate. However, in some provinces, such as Ontario, it’s not legal for your credit score to be considered.

A telematics program, which monitors and rewards good driving behaviour, may also be available for students seeking car insurance discounts.

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What’s the average cost for student car insurance?

Car insurance rates vary across Canada, though every insurance company relies on the same range of criteria to set them. These can include: driver experience, claims history, age, gender, location and type of insurance.

As a result, car insurance for students in Ontario and in Alberta, provinces where there are particularly high volume of claims, tend to be more expensive than in every other province in Canada.

For students to find low car insurance rates, they need to closely consider their options. For example, if it’s not possible to be listed as a secondary or occasional driver on their parents’ car insurance policy, good grades, a good credit score and/or opting in to a telematics program, which tracks and can reward good driving, may help them qualify for a lower rate.

Because of the range of factors that car insurance companies use to determine rates, it’s difficult to know how much car insurance is for any individual college student.

Use our free, online tool to find up to 10 quotes from car insurance companies across Canada. Next, give us a call: 1-855-754-0350. We'll assess your application and help you access potential savings.

What’s the best way for international students in Canada to get car insurance?

If an international student had car insurance in their home country, it might still be valid in Canada.

If an international student is not currently insured in their country of origin, providing a record of their insurance history to a Canadian insurer may help them get cheap car insurance.

Check with the provincial agency in charge of licencing to find out more about car insurance plans for students.

Are car insurance discounts available for graduate students?

Student car insurance rates are not impacted by education level. Whether you're looking for car insurance as college student or high school student, you may be eligible for savings. 

However, car insurance rates for graduate students can be lower than for undergraduate students because graduate students tend to have more driving experience and may be able to reflect having been insured, without making a claim, over a longer period of time.

Inexpensive car insurance for college students may be available through some alumni associations.

Our brokers are available to answer any of your questions about the cost of car insurance for students. Give us a call: 1-855-754-0350.

Is it safe to buy student car insurance online?

Yes, absolutely. It’s safe to buy any type of insurance online, including car insurance for students.

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