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Types of car insurance for teens.


There are at least four types of car insurance required in every province:

Accident benefits: Covers you or others injured or killed in a collision.

Direct compensation property damage (DCPD): In a collision with one or more vehicles, when you’re not at fault, this coverage means your insurance company will compensate you directly rather than your having to get damages from the at-fault driver.

Liability or third-party liability insurance: In a collision you’re found responsible for, where there’s property damage, personal injury or death, this coverage will protect you financially.

Uninsured auto: Covers you if you’re in a collision with an uninsured driver.

Additional coverages may be required in select provinces.

Here’s a breakdown of minimum insurance requirements in each:

Province Minimum insurance required
Alberta Third-party liability ($200,000), accident benefits
B.C. Third-party liability ($200,000), accident benefits
Manitoba Third-party liability ($200,000), accident benefits, uninsured auto coverage
New Brunswick Third-party liability ($200,000), direct compensation property damage, accident benefits
Newfoundland and Labrador Third-party liability ($200,000), uninsured auto coverage
Northwest Territories Third-party liability ($200,000), accident benefits
Nova Scotia Third-party liability ($500,000), direct compensation property damage, accident benefits
Nunavut Third-party liability ($200,000), direct compensation property damage, accident benefits
Ontario Third-party liability ($200,000), direct compensation property damage, accident benefits
Prince Edward Island Third-party liability ($200,000), direct compensation property damage, accident benefits
Quebec Third-party liability ($50,000), direct compensation property damage, accident benefits
Saskatchewan Third-party liability ($200,000), accident benefits
Yukon Third-party liability ($200,000), accident benefits

As a result, when you’re comparing which companies offer the lowest insurance rates for young drivers, consider where in Canada the teen will be operating the insured vehicle.


Frequently Asked Questions about young driver car insurance.

How much does it cost to insure a teenage driver?

It’s difficult to suggest an average insurance cost for young drivers because of the range of variables that companies look at when determining rates.

Age, gender, driver experience, location, coverage type and vehicle type are each closely considered. A single change in one of these variables in your application could result in a very different rate. For example, car insurance for a 16-year-old may be much different if he or she drives in Ontario than if he or she drives in Alberta.

As a young driver, get an insurance discount by:

Opting into a telematics program which tracks driver behaviour and may offer rewards.

Being a student. Some insurance companies offer cheaper car insurance for young drivers who maintain good grades.

Taking a driving course, certifying that you’re familiar with defensive driving techniques.

What are the best ways for how to get cheap insurance for young drivers?

The cheapest way to insure a teenage driver is to have them added as a secondary or occasional driver under their parents' car insurance.

If that’s not an option, to find cheap auto insurance for a teenager, get quotes from a range of companies.

One of our licenced brokers will work with you to compare each quote and associated policy to figure out how to secure the best coverage for the lowest rate.

We've helped thousands of young drivers get great automobile insurance. Get a quote and give us a call today: 1-855-754-0350.

Among young drivers, what age group pays the highest car insurance rates?

When determining insurance rates for young drivers, companies closely consider a range of variables. Some of the most important are: age, gender and location.

Each variable informs another. For example, car insurance for a 17 year old in one part of the country may be different than car insurance for an 18 year old elsewhere.

Insurance for teenage drivers in Ontario and in Alberta is typically high, compared to elsewhere in Canada.

When it comes to gender, males typically pay higher insurance rates, with younger males paying particularly high rates.

Our licenced brokers have the experience to help you; we’ve helped find insurance for many young male drivers seeking the best coverage at the lowest rate. Get a quote and give us a call: 1-855-754-0350.

Where in Canada are car insurance rates for teens highest?

Car insurance for young drivers in Ontario and Alberta tends to be the most expensive in the country. This is, in part, due to the volume of claims made in those provinces.

Across all age groups and locations where data is available, men pay higher insurance rates. In Newfoundland, car insurance companies are banned from knowing an applicant’s gender.

Car insurance for teenage males tends to be high – compared to women – especially when they’re signing on to their first policy.

While gender and age play a significant role determining car insurance rates, these factors don't necessarily supersede the significance of a clean driving record, having no insurance gap or claims history.

In other words, someone who drives safely, follows traffic rules and does not have a significant amount of time during which they were not insured may qualify for savings.

How can I reduce my car insurance rate?

The best way for drivers under 25 to get car insurance reductions is by being insured under their parents’ policy.

You can also reduce your rate by opting into a telematics program, maintaining good grades if you’re a student and/or by taking a driving course to certify that you’re familiar with defensive driving techniques.