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Types of condominium insurance.

The condo insurance coverage that protects your building likely does not extend to your specific unit and its contents.

For that sort of protection, you need a different type of condo insurance policy, one for your unit specifically.

To select the best condo insurance, closely review the details below.

Condo insurance policies cover the cost of your belongings and any renovations to your unit, such as upgraded fixtures and hardwood floors.

They also include liability insurance if someone is injured on site. Additional living expenses are usually also included – should damage prevent you from staying in your unit.

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Speak to one of our licensed brokers to review which coverages are right for you and your home:

Additional living expenses - Costs associated with having to temporarily live outside your unit, for example, at a hotel or in another rental unit.

Additional protection - Aspects of your unit, such as the glass door opening to your balcony, which aren’t covered by the building’s insurance.

Personal liability - Protection if someone is accidentally injured in the unit.

Personal property - The contents of your unit, including belongings like clothing, furniture and entertainment equipment.

Unit betterments - Upgrades made by you, or the previous owner, to your unit. This includes coverage for damage to things like your hardwood floors, built-in shelves and upgraded light fixtures and faucets.

Unit loss - Protects you financially, up to the insured amount, for any charges you’re on the hook for due to damage not covered by other insurance – the building’s or another unit holder’s.

One of our licensed brokers will work one-on-one with you, reviewing the details of your policy and its associated condo insurance rate.


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How to make a condo insurance claim.

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If your home and belongings have been damaged, lost or stolen, remember these three essential steps to making a condo insurance claim:

List your damaged, lost or stolen property.

Call your insurance broker to be connected to a claims agent.

When speaking with your claims agent, inquire about any deadlines or terms that may apply to your claim.

For example: What paperwork do you need to file immediately? Can you work with your own contractors, or, do they need to be approved by your insurance company?


Frequently Asked Questions about condo insurance in Canada.

What’s the difference between condo insurance and homeowners insurance for condos?

There’s no difference; condo insurance is another way of saying homeowners insurance for condos.

By design, the product provides coverage necessary for condos.

Is condo insurance mandatory?

Condo insurance is not mandatory. However, most mortgage lenders will only fund properties that are insured.

Condo owner insurance can be a crucial resource if and when you’re facing unexpected expenses for a loss.

How much condo insurance coverage do I need?

Your coverage amount will depend, in part, on the value of your contents as well as how much you’ve invested in bettering your condo unit. You can customize your condo insurance accordingly.

Your unit may not be covered under the insurance policy for the building.

One of our licensed brokers will review all your options with you, make sure that your condo insurance coverages are explained and that you’ve secured the best condo insurance premiums available.

How much is condo insurance?

Variables that determine condo insurance cost include:

Building location - Premiums can be higher in neighbourhoods considered more risky. For example, the building may be at a distance from fire services or be in an area with a high crime rate.

Dwelling type - Your rate may differ depending on whether your condo is in a building or is a townhouse.

Upgrades to the unit - If you’ve upgraded your unit since it was built, your premiums may be higher.

Details of the condo insurance policy holder are also important, including:

Claims history - Your condo insurance costs are impacted by the volume of insurance claims you’ve made in the past. If you’ve made one within the last decade, your premiums could be higher.

Pets - Your pet could affect your premiums, particularly if they’re known for being aggressive, or, are exotic or illegal.

Rentals – If you’re planning to regularly rent out your condo on a platform like Airbnb, your rates may be higher. Or, you may require specialized insurance.

Get a quote and call us to speak with a licensed broker about what variables are affecting your rate: 1-855-754-0350. Our recommendations are free. 

What’s the average cost for condo insurance?

Condo insurance price considers a range of variables.

In most urban centers, you can expect to pay at least $20-30/month for condo insurance.

Speak with one of our licensed brokers to find out more about how to get cheap condo insurance.

In addition to savings you may be eligible for, we can share with you tips on how to bring down your rate.

Discounts may be available to those who:

Bundle their home or condo insurance with their auto insurance

Have monitored fire and burglar alarms

Are non-smokers

Are mortgage free

You may also qualify for a discount if:

You’re above a certain age – 65 and older.

You’ve been with the same insurer for a number of years

Your home was recently built

You have not made a claim in a number of years