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Condominium insurance in Alberta.

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Insurance is an important tool for protecting your most important investment: your home.

With a good insurance policy, you can be covered for the cost of repairing unexpected damage, replacing stolen items and even for the medical care of someone who’s injured while visiting you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about condo insurance coverage in Alberta.

What are the requirements for condo insurance in Alberta?

To qualify for condo insurance, applicants must share some details of their financial and insurance histories.

Insurance companies also require information about the type of home you’re insuring. For example, they’ll need to know if it's a highrise or a townhouse.

They’ll also consider the location of the condo unit, the overall condition of the building as well as any upgrades made since it was first built.

By connecting with a licensed broker, you’ll be able to review these details and customize a policy.

We'll help you find the best condo insurance in Alberta at the lowest rate, making sure that you’re only paying for the coverages you need, nothing more.

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How much is condo insurance in Alberta?

Each applicant is likely to receive a different quote for condo insurance in Alberta.

This is because insurance rates are determined by a range of factors such as the property type as well as details of the applicant.

When determining rates for condo insurance in Alberta, companies also look at environmental risks within the neighbourhood.

For example, insurance costs for Alberta condo owners may be greater for those in areas prone to forest fire, flooding or crime such as frequent burglaries.

How can I reduce the cost of homeowners insurance for my condo in Alberta?

If you have yet to purchase a condo, consider any environmental risks in the neighbourhood where you’re looking.

If you buy a condo where flooding or forest fire are more likely, you may end up paying higher home insurance rates.

To reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance, consider the following tactics:

Agree to pay your premiums annually, rather than monthly.

Bundle your insurance so that each of your policies are held with one company.

Comparison shop. It’s an important first step in finding a great condo insurance rate. Use our free, online tool to get quotes from up to 10 companies.

In Alberta, insurers are allowed to consider your credit score. If you consent to their running a credit check, a high score may result in your being able securing a better rate.

Connect with one of our licensed brokers to discuss condo insurance in Alberta.

We’ll customize a policy that’s right for you and your home.

For example, not every homeowner needs a comprehensive insurance policy. Our brokers will help you weigh your options and their associated costs. To start saving today, give us a call: 1-855-754-0350.