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Home insurance in Alberta.

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To find the best home insurance in Alberta, consider what type of coverage you need to protect your largest asset against risk.

While home insurance doesn’t differ significantly from province to province, a licensed broker at will help you secure a policy that covers you against perils that are common in your region.

For Alberta, these perils can include everything from sub-zero freezing temperatures in the winter to spring flooding and forest fires in the summer.

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Types of homeowners insurance in Alberta.

In Alberta, property insurance isn’t mandatory, but most lenders won’t provide funds without it being in place.

Insurance is an important resource if your home and its contents are damaged and need to be replaced.

The extent to which you’ll be protected depends on what type of insurance you purchase.

They include:

Comprehensive or All-Perils: In the event of most forms of damage (which insurance companies refer to as perils), this type of insurance covers the cost of replacing your home and its contents.

Coverage is not provided in the event of a peril that’s explicitly excluded from the policy. Perils that are often excluded can include earthquake damage, water damage or insect damage.

Basic or Named-Perils: This type of insurance means that your home and its contents will be covered against perils which are specifically named in your policy.

No-Frills: This type of insurance is available for homes that are not easily insured because they don’t meet typical underwriting standards.

When choosing home insurance, Alberta residents should consider the following perils:

Overland flooding – Water that overflows from a nearby creek, river or lake.

Basement flooding – When water rises from beneath the home and enters through the foundation and any openings within it.

Sewage backup – When overland flooding causes a sewage back-up.

Frozen pipes – Frozen pipes are a genuine risk in Alberta where winter temperatures can reach lower than 50 degrees below zero.

Fire – Wildfires are becoming more common in Alberta. Regions of Fort McMurray and Fort Vermillion have previously been hard hit.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Alberta home insurance.

How much does home insurance cost in Alberta?

Average home insurance costs in Alberta vary. Insurance companies look closely at the risks associated with the region and neighbourhood where your property is located. For example, your rate may be higher if you live close to the Bow and Elbow rivers which are prone to flooding.

For a better sense of the cost of Alberta house insurance, get a quote.

Next, give us a call: 1-855-754-0350. We’ll work one-on-one with you to find you the best home insurance for your Alberta home – from a high-value property to a less expensive one, we can help.


What are some ways to bring down my home insurance rate?

Speak with one of our licensed brokers for specific tips on how to reduce your insurance rate for your Alberta home.

For example, in parts of Alberta where overland flooding is common, residents can mitigate against the risk of a sewage back-up by installing a sump pump – an instrument that can help prevent water from entering a home via the plumbing, during a flood.

Other ways to reduce your insurance rates are the same for homes in every province:

Pay your insurance premiums in full, and on time.

Have a good credit score.

Combine your insurance policies under one insurance company. For example, have your home insurance with the same company as your car insurance.

Reduce your claims. If you have a volume of claims, insurance companies consider you more likely to make another one.

Mitigate potential risks within your home. For example, install a sump pump, a smoke detector, CO2 monitor and sprinkler system.

Is home insurance mandatory in Alberta?

No, home insurance is not mandatory anywhere in Canada. However, most lenders will only provide funds to homes that are insured.

The average Alberta home insurance covers contents as well as the cost of replacing your home. However, that amount won’t necessarily cover you for the market value of your home and its contents.

Is it safe to buy home insurance online?

Yes, absolutely. It’s safe to get a quote and buy insurance for a home in Alberta online.

We’ve helped many Alberta homeowners save on insurance costs.

Our brokers have expert knowledge of which companies have ideal home insurance for Alberta residents.

Try our free, online quote tool. And, give us a call. It won’t cost you a cent and you could save hundreds of dollars.