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While property insurance isn’t mandatory in Canada, it’s wise to protect your home in the event of loss or damage — particularly if you can’t cover the cost of replacing it.

The dramatic landscape that makes Calgary a beautiful place to live can also pose potential risks.

Freezing temperatures in the winter, flooding in the spring and, increasingly, forest fires in the summer are some of the perils homeowners may navigate each year.

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Types of insurance for homeowners in Calgary.

There are three types of insurance that Calgary homeowners must choose from: comprehensive, basic or no-frills.

So that your home is protected against some of the extreme conditions of Calgary’s climate, consider additional coverages for the following perils:

Basement flooding – When water comes up from under the home, entering through the foundation and any openings within it.

Fire – Wildfires are becoming more common in Alberta.

Frozen pipes – Frozen pipes are a genuine risk during an Alberta winter when temperatures can dip below 50C.

Overland flooding – Water that overflows from a creek, river or lake near and damages your property.

Sewage backup – When you have a sewage back-up at your house, due to overland flooding.

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Frequently Asked Questions about property insurance in Calgary.

What company has the cheapest home insurance in Calgary, Alberta?

Calgary residents can take a home insurance policy from any company that serves the city.

Some of those companies include:


CAA Insurance

If coverage through one of these companies doesn’t work for your home and circumstance, there are other options as well.

Work with one of our licensed brokers to customize a policy that’s best for you and your property.

How can I reduce the cost of my home insurance?

The quotes for house insurance in Calgary that you receive from our free, online tool will gauge what rate you’re eligible for.

Next, speak with one of our licensed brokers to find out ways to reduce your rate further: 1-855-754-0350.

Their tips reflect how you can mitigate risks to your home. For example:

Bundle your insurance so all your policies are held with a single company.

Limit your claims. If you have multiple claims, insurance companies believe you’re more likely to make one again.

Maintain a good credit score.

Outfit your home with a sump pump, a smoke detector, CO2 monitor and sprinkler system.

Pay your premiums and do so in full and on time.

By connecting with a broker, you’ll be able to customize a policy for home insurance in Calgary that’s best for you.

What is not covered by insurance for my Calgary home?

Home insurance policies don’t typically cover against the impact of neglect. To avoid such damage, keep your home and property well-maintained.

If you live in a flood-prone area, such as near a waterway, closely review your policy with a licensed broker to make sure your home is adequately covered.

Be aware that insurance companies often offer different coverages for different types of flooding. For example, they may consider overland flooding as distinct from basement flooding; a freshwater flood as distinct from a saltwater flood.

Is it safe for Calgary homeowners to buy insurance online?

Yes, absolutely.

It’s also free and fast.

We've helped thousands of Canadians save millions of dollars on their insurance costs.