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Home insurance in Edmonton.

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Alberta home insurance rates can be high, in part, because of the province’s extreme weather.

When determining your rate, insurers look at what sort of risk sub-zero temperatures in the winter, springtime flooding and forest fires in the summer may be to your property.

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Types of property insurance in Edmonton.

Like every homeowner in Canada, Edmonton residents can choose from three types of home insurance: comprehensive, basic or no-frills.

Because of the province’s extreme weather, you should also consider coverages for the following perils:

Basement flooding – When water comes up from under the home, entering through the foundation and any openings within it.

Forest fires – Forest fires are becoming more common in Alberta.

Frozen pipes – Frozen pipes are a genuine risk during an Alberta winter when temperatures can dip below -50C.

Overland flooding – Water that overflows from a creek, river or lake near and damages your property. Overland flooding is a special coverage that needs to be added onto your base policy.

Sewage backup – When you have a sewage back-up at your house, due to overland flooding.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Edmonton home insurance

What are some important considerations when looking for Edmonton home insurance?

Edmonton residents can choose from the same types of coverage that are available to all Canadians: comprehensive, basic, broad and no-frills.

Because of Alberta’s extreme weather, it’s also a good idea for Edmonton residents to consider additional coverages so their homes are protected against perils such as overland flooding.

Once you’ve used our free, online tool to get a quote for Edmonton home insurance, speak with a broker at to learn more about what sort of policy is best for your property.

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How do I get the best rate for home insurance in Edmonton?

Finding the best rate is all about knowing what you need and what options are available.

No need to manually compare home insurance quotes. does the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to.

Our brokers will customize a policy for your home. We’ll also share tips on how to bring down your rate. For example:

Eliminate fire hazards such as smoking.

Limit your claims.

Maintain a good credit score.

Mitigate potential risks by installing a sump pump, a smoke detector, CO2 monitor and sprinkler system.

Pay your premiums and do so in full and on time.

Purchase each of your insurance policies from a single company.

After you get a quote, connect with a licensed broker at to discuss how you can secure cheap home insurance in Edmonton, Alberta.

Is it safe for Edmonton homeowners to buy insurance online?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to buy insurance online.

It’s also convenient, fast and free.

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