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While home insurance isn’t required by law in Canada, it will allow you to replace your house and your belongings, in the event of damage.

Home insurance is an especially good idea if you don’t have the savings to replace everything.

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Frequently Asked Questions about insurance for homeowners in Ottawa.

To get the cheapest home insurance in Ottawa, Ontario what insurance company should I get a policy with?

Some of most established home insurance companies that serve Ottawa include:


CAA Insurance

Intact Insurance

RBC Home Insurance

TD Home Insurance

If you don’t qualify for coverage with one of these companies, will review additional options to help you find the best home insurance in Ottawa.

What are some risks I should consider when insuring my Ottawa home?

Once you have an insurance quote for your house in Ottawa, speak with a licensed broker to find out if you need additional coverage.

Consider that some of the extreme weather in Ottawa can pose a risk to your home. For example:

Earthquakes - Though Ottawa doesn’t often experience earthquakes, its location within the West Quebec seismic zone means that they do occur occasionally. A 5.0 magnitude earthquake shook the region in June 2010.

Freezing temperatures - Ottawa, which is considered the coldest capital city in the world, has especially cold winters with temperatures often dipping to below -30C. This increases the risk of frozen pipes in Ottawa homes.

Flooding - The nearby Ottawa River has been flooding more and more often in recent years. Speak to a broker at about how to protect your home from all forms of flooding such as, overland flooding, sewage back-ups and basement flooding.

Severe thunderstorms - Extreme storms can bring considerable rainfall to the Ottawa region in record amounts of time. Connect with a broker at to find out how to protect your home against potential storm damages.

Is it safe for homeowners in Ottawa to buy insurance online?

Yes, buying home insurance online is totally safe.

It’s also convenient and free.

Try our online tool to get a rate for property insurance in Ottawa and then give us a call: 1-855-754-0350. A broker at will help you find the best coverage at the lowest rate.