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Protect your belongings with the best tenant insurance coverage for your space.

We help renters find low-cost ways to keep their possessions safe while also sharing our expertise on coverages that make the most sense for their lifestyles.

While your landlord may have insurance that covers the cost of repairing or replacing the appliances and fixtures in your apartment, condo or house, without apartment insurance, you’ll be responsible for covering the cost of your contents against damage, loss or theft.

Whether you’re looking to protect your space, your belongings or those who may be visiting you, we'll find you the perfect plan.


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How tenant insurance in Canada protects you.

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Whether you’re looking for coverage for your apartment, townhouse, condo, a dwelling above commercial premises or house, rental home insurance coverage will protect you financially in the event of damage, loss or theft.

Under the terms of most tenant insurance policies, your belongings and any liability claims will be covered against an insured loss. 

Any additional living expenses will also be provided.

See below for an outline of coverages included in most policies:

Contents: Apartment insurance will protect you financially, covering the cost of your apartment contents, such as, furniture, clothing, jewellery, art work, entertainment equipment and other possessions.

Liability insurance: For tenants seeking coverage for costs in the event they cause accidental damage or bodily injury to a third party anywhere in North America.

Additional living expenses: The cost of moving or staying at a hotel will be covered if you’re unable to stay at your apartment due to damages from an insured loss being repaired.


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Frequently Asked Questions about apartment insurance.

What is tenant insurance?

Tenant insurance is also known as: apartment insurance, tenants content insurance and renters content insurance.

It’s an insurance policy that protects you financially against damage, loss or theft while you’re renting an apartment, condo or home.

Tenant insurance will cover the cost of the contents of your apartment in the event of damage.

Depending on your policy, the cost of any liability claim, if you or someone else is accidentally injured in your rental, will also be covered.

What does tenants insurance cover?

Rental insurance can be customized to provide optimal coverage for you and your home.

Some tenant insurances policies are called ‘All-risks’ contents coverage, others: ‘Named-perils’ contents coverage.

All-risks covers you for any loss that is not specifically excluded; whereas a Named-perils policy covers you only for the perils specifically stated.

Tenant insurance rates are determined, in part, by the sort of coverage you’re seeking, the location of the property being insured and by the value of the contents you’re insuring.

How do I get tenant insurance?

A tenant insurance quoter is a crucial tool for how to get tenant insurance.

Our free, online tool surveys dozens of insurance carriers across the country to offer you the 10 best tenant insurance quotes in Canada.

Next, connect over the phone with a licensed broker: 1-855-754-0350

We’re confident we can help make you one of the thousands in Canada with cheap tenant insurance.

We’ll also go over your new tenant insurance policy to make sure you understand it thoroughly.

How much tenant insurance do I need?

While many wonder if it's worth getting renters insurance, the cost of replacing your belongings, in the event of an uninsured loss, can be overwhelming.

Consider that damage incurred from almost any hazard can be extensive. In an emergency, you’ll be relieved to have financial protection.

Your landlord may have insurance that covers the cost of repairing or replacing the appliances and fixtures in your apartment, condo or house.

But, without apartment insurance, you’ll be responsible for covering the cost of your contents against damage, loss or theft.

It’s common for renters in Canada to get insurance worth about $30,000.

What does renters insurance not cover?

If you have high-value items like rare art, jewellery or high-end sporting equipment, there is base coverage. However, it may have set limits and is not always on an All peril basis.

You can buy a ‘personal articles floater’ which will list additional items on your policy and their value. You may be required to provide appraisals for some items.

How much is tenant insurance?

After identifying what sort of coverage you’re seeking, one of our licensed insurance brokers will help you figure out: how much does tenant insurance cost?

While the amount of minimum coverage for a tenants policy is subject to the insurance company who holds it, it’s typically about $30,000.

Since the coverage amount should reflect the estimated value of contents, more than the minimum is often required.

In addition to the value of your belongings, tenant insurance costs are affected by the following variables:

Where you live.

The condition of the apartment, condo or house.

Your insurance claims history.

Your credit can be factored into cost as well. While a credit score check isn’t mandatory, a good score can help reduce your rate.

The insurance company you decide to take a policy with.

To get the cheapest tenant insurance in Canada, a broker will provide insight on how you can adjust these variables to secure the best rate. Get a quote and give us a call: 1-855-754-0350.

We’re keen to share our expertise with you and our recommendations are free.