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As severe weather becomes more common across Canada, increasingly recommends rental home insurance coverage to Alberta residents.

While landlords typically have home insurance, it doesn’t always extend to tenants.

Protect yourself and your belongings with great coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions about apartment insurance in Alberta

Is tenant insurance mandatory in Alberta?

No, tenant insurance is not mandatory in Alberta – nor anywhere in Canada.

However, we recommend that you get it so you’re financially protected if:

Your apartment requires repair for damage that you caused.

Your belongings are damaged and need to be replaced.

A visitor at your apartment is injured.

Some landlords require tenants to have insurance before they’ll rent the property. It’s their prerogative to do so.

Make an informed purchase decision by comparing available rates and connecting over the phone with a licensed broker who will advise you on how to secure the best tenant insurance in Alberta.

How much does tenant insurance cost in Alberta?

Cost varies.

Tenant insurance rates in Alberta depend on a range of factors including – but not limited to – the type of coverage you require, the property being insured and the applicant.

For a sense of cost, get 10+ quotes for renters insurance in Alberta by using’s free, online tool.

A licensed broker is available to answer any of your questions about coverages and to help you find a policy that’s just right for your lifestyle.

How can I reduce my cost for tenant insurance in Alberta?

To figure out how much tenant insurance in Alberta is going to cost, examine how it’s set.

For example, a well-maintained property is likely to cost less to insure than a property in disrepair which an insurance company might consider a higher risk of resulting in a claim.

Your tenant insurance will be less expensive if you require less coverage, are seeking a minimum amount of insurance for a newer, well-maintained property with a limited claims history, and, if you (the applicant) have a limited claims history.

You can also bring down the cost of tenant content insurance by reassessing the value of your belongings. For example, have you overestimated the value of certain items that you’re insuring?

What does rental insurance in Alberta not cover?

A licensed broker will answer any questions you may have about the specifics of tenant insurance in the region where you live.

Consider getting additional tenant insurance if you have high-value items such as rare jewellery or art. Particularly expensive belongings may not be covered by standard tenant insurance.

A broker is also available to answer any questions you may have about getting tenant contents insurance in Alberta.

What does tenant liability insurance cover?

For renters in Alberta, tenant liability insurance will protect you financially against damage to property that you’re at fault for causing as well as costs if a visitor to your apartment is injured.

Tenant liability insurance is an optional coverage. Speak with a licensed broker at for details.