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Whether you’re visiting another province, spending the winter abroad or visiting overseas, a good policy will help safeguard your finances in the event of a medical emergency.

It will also help you secure the same standard of care you receive in your home province.


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Types of travel insurance.

In Canada, travel medical insurance is distinct from travel insurance.

The former covers specific health care coverages while the latter covers your investment in a trip.

If you purchase an all-inclusive travel insurance policy, it’s likely to include medical benefits.

Alternatively, you can purchase separate policies.

To figure out what coverage is best for you and your upcoming trip, connect with a licenced broker at

We’ll work one-on-one with you to customize a policy so that you only pay for the travel medical insurance coverages you need, nothing more.

Regardless of the policy you select, it’s helpful to understand what coverage might be built into your quote for travel medical insurance:

Emergency medical travel insurance within Canada - This type of coverage is for medical costs incurred in a province or territory other than the one you call home.

Many Canadians wrongly assume that their provincial health care will cover emergency medical costs incurred in other parts of Canada. While some provinces do have agreements which allow it, it is not true across the country.

When travelling interprovincially, proceed on the assumption that your provincial health care will not cover emergency health costs in other provinces.

International travel medical insurance - This type of coverage is for medical costs incurred while you’re abroad.

Speak with a broker to confirm the specific features this type of policy includes.

If you’re a Canadian abroad in the United States, it may be wise to purchase a policy designed specifically for travel to the USA.

International travel medical insurance is also known as worldwide travel medical insurance.

For any Canadian travelling off one of the country’s three coastlines, consider whether you need international travel insurance coverage. In the event you run into trouble while on international waters, you’ll want to have the appropriate insurance.

Medical insurance travel to the USA – This type of coverage is for medical costs incurred by Canadians while in the United States.

This coverage contains features designed specifically to respond to the range of systems that administer health care in the U.S.

For example, health care in the U.S. can be administered by a government-funded health center, or, by a private health care provided.

While some provincial plans will cover a portion of medical costs for care in the United States, it is not a significant portion of the overall cost.

Considering how expensive care abroad can quickly become, we recommend that Canadians closely consider purchasing travel medical insurance when they’re travelling to the U.S.


Travel medical insurance for pregnancy – This type of coverage is for medical costs, related to pregnancy, incurred while you’re away from home.

Regardless of your destination, if you’re travelling while pregnant, it’s a good idea to have travel medical insurance.

Many insurance companies will not provide coverage for women who are in their third trimester because the costs associated with birth tend to be significant.

While some policies cover medical costs for a mother who has given birth, the coverage isn’t always extended to a baby born out of province.

Connect with a licenced broker to customize a policy that’s right for you. In order to be properly covered, it’s essential that you share with your broker your medical history.

Policies are available in various forms.

For example, you can secure travel medical insurance for a single trip or multiple trips.

Foreign students and temporary workers, who are ineligible for government coverage, can purchase what are called ‘primary insurance policies’.

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We’ll answer any questions you have about your options and find you the best travel health insurance in Canada.


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Frequently Asked Questions about travel medical insurance.

How does travel medical insurance work?

Travel medical insurance will cover you against medical costs incurred while you’re away from home.

Use our free, online tool to get a sense of what travel health insurance rates are available for your next trip.

Before you access emergency medical care, call your travel insurance provider.

Depending on where you’re travelling, the standard of care varies. By engaging your insurance provider immediately, you’re more likely to receive the best standard of care.

Your insurance provider will communicate with you throughout your time in care. They will also provide direction on any obligations you have according to your policy.

Is there special travel medical insurance for seniors?

Yes, there are a range of travel medical insurance plans available for people over the age of 60.

To find out what coverages they include, connect with a licenced broker at

We’ll review your travel plans and medical history and recommend a travel medical insurance policy that’s right for you.

What is out-of-country health insurance?

Out-of-country health insurance is another way of describing out-of-Canada medical insurance or international travel health insurance.

It refers to coverage for medical costs incurred while you’re away from home.

What does trip medical insurance cover?

There’s a type of travel health insurance to cover just about any scenario.

To make sure that you’re protected while you’re away from home, it’s wise to work with a licenced broker when selecting a policy with the features that you need.

Working one-on-one with you, will help you secure the best travel health insurance in Canada as well as assess any coverages that may be unnecessary.

Is it safe to buy travel medical insurance online?

Yes, it’s safe to buy travel medical insurance online.

It’s also fast and free.

At, we’ve helped thousands of Canadians reduce their travel medical insurance costs.

Get a quote today and give us a call: 1-855-754-0350. You could save a significant amount of money and it won’t cost you anything to try.